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Principiel bevægelse

En rettesnor for bevægelsestræning kan, udover et blik for bevægelseskvalitet, være at knytte sin træning op på nogle principper.

Et princip er et ledende udsagn, men for at princippet ikke kommer til at fremstå som en regel eller dogme for træningen, så plejer jeg at bruge princippet som vejledende for træningen. Det vil sige at træningen bliver afhængige af princippernes vejledning, uden at principperne dikterer konkrete eller bestemte øvelser.

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Into the wild

I am not sure of how much into the wild we really get. Its relative, as most things are.. And some people with experience definitely go further.. But we are off the grid for sure, in the surroundings of small undisturbed islands of skærgården, Sweden, the baltic sea and the few people living at the bigger islands.

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Beginners Mind 3/4

Right Attitude

The right attitude as Suzuki communicates, is both very simple to write here, but difficult to implement consistently in a practice and everyday life.

But, in a compressed form, Suzuki would (if he where a mover) practice with a different attitude than the attitude we are mostly confronted with in sports, performance, health, arts and.. movement..

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Beginner’s Mind 1/4

初心 : the beginning – heart


Thoughts about Shunryu Suzukis Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Shunryu Suzuki is practicing zazen and meditation in relation to zen. He is a master of that subject, but I see the practice that he’s describing in his writings in relation to movement.

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