When you stir up something, it moves!

We have startet to stir things up!

In our movement sessions at Wolfpack Group we have worked our way to some structures. We are a consistent group that meets three times a week in three different locations. And after evaluating amongst the teachers from one season to another, we have found some good structures, some that serves both the group and the individual, and some that makes sense, to us at least.

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These structures have been set by trial and error. They are a result of what did not, and what did work before. It is a normal thing, to structure a training session. Maybe you could say that it is the norm, to set a structure so that the people are able to obtain as much as possible, to peak in the session and all these things.
For some time though, I have been asking myself about this. And after talking with other teachers and  masters, I have really been confirmed in some way, that a structure is a bit of a problem. When a practice is becoming something usual, like a well known routine, it can generate a false feeling of control, a control that you replicate to other areas than the training space.


You might think that everything can be structured in a way that fits in your world, that serves you or something like that. And this might be what people want in sports or athletic performance, or maybe in yoga… And it might have its qualities to scan the body with a formal routine or to build up for performance, but in our way of practicing movement – or in my at least – it has to be in coherence with life, and our lives are rarely structured for too long, then they change.


As Jozef Frucek says, a teacher that has influenced me quit a bit: “There will be always more obstacles than free roads, and as you find an obstacle, you find a way to go around it. Creative above all, thats what you are practicing. You are not practicing to be a good fighter, good dancer, good painter, good actor, but being creative. When you are creative you can continue throughout your life until you die.. If you are lucky.”


So I decided for myself to break it, and I threw the group out into the unknown frustrations and other feelings of being met with.. something that you do not expect.

First I simply turned it upside down. Which made the familiar into some kind of obstacle.
Second I used some kind of cube to structure it, so that I was not in too much of power. As I am not just teaching but actually moving with the group as well. I left the structure, but not the material, to chance.
Then today, one of the other teachers of the group broke my illusion with the power. She, turned one of the other sessions upside down without telling me, so she created frustration within me. The illusion that she broke, was that I was experiencing some kind of the same things as the group did in the sessions that I controlled. Which this example shows that I do definitely not do. The frustrations started as I wasn’t warm enough for what was expected by myself in this setting. I shared my frustration… But this frustration is telling me about something. It is some kind of feedback: That I am to much in control and that I am not really appreciating our practice.

If I had been appreciating it fully, I would have been warm when the session started, I would have been open for whatever the teacher was asking of me, I would be open for different ways of doing things, I would have been willing to be creative and I would have done my best or asked for help in whatever situation, problem or obstacle that I could not pass..

But especially I think this is the mind of the expert that is trickering me; the expert that knows how it should be done, and when met by something different, something unexpected or something that does not make sense to the expert immediately, he will complain instead of adapt to the situation, enjoy to learn something new or just to survive without complaining like a small child.

So… We will throw the cubes around for a while, to see what it brings, we will be creative and we will meet our accustomed wolves, and ourselves, with the (un)pleasure of facing the unknown.

See you around!

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